Let Yourself Grow

In this month's "body+soul" magazine, i stumbled across a perfect page for this moment in my life. The article was "this month's goal" was entitled -Let Yourself Grow. I'm all about growing and becoming. So here's what my roots soaked up:
"Somewhere between the life you have and the life you want lies the quit seed of potential. With each new thing you do- the friend you make, the garden you plant, the risks you take- it begins to open up. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, a new life of your making starts to sprout, taking root and fanning its damp leaves in the open air. But like all tender young things, it requires enough attention, enough rest, enough sustenance to thrive." pg 91.
I do feel strongly that we create the life we desire. Even when and if its a stuck and resistant attitude, that is the life we ultimately desire to have- at times we sacrifice our freedom to the comfort and familiarity rather than the fabulous risky adventure into the unknown. I create the lamest, largest, more tire-some excuses for why I'm not where i want to be in life. I forget that too. So when i REMEMBER and when i awaken to my senses- i feel existence, sensible, functional and alive!

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SnakeCharmer said...

It is nice to see that someone else is trying to figure out their life in a world were people seem to have their lives figured out. I do think that the life that you want requires cultivation.

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